Raspberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie (9")

Raspberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie (9")

Red Branch Bakery
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A twist on a classic rhubarb pie. The tart combination of raspberries and locally grown rhubarb coupled with the Red Branch brown sugar crumb will melt in your mouth. A must try this summer.

About This Product:

  • Pie Ingredients: Rasberries, rhubarb, sugar, lemon juice.
  • Crumb Ingredients: Butter, brown sugar, white sugar, vanilla, salt. 
  • Crust Ingredients: Butter, flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, water.

Customer Reviews

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Judy Ebrey
Raspberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie

This Raspberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie was the best pie I have ever eaten and served to family. It was the right amount of sweetness and tartness and the crust was crispy. Served with vanilla ice cream it was sublime. My family was crazy about it!!!

edward gallagher
Simply the best

this is an outstanding pie, best I've ever had. The crust is buttery and flakey. It's not soggy even after a few days. I was afraid the raspberry and sugar crumbs would be too sweet. The rhubarb balances the sweetness perfectly. It is sweet but not too sweet. I'd eat it every day if I could find a way to work off the calories.

Julia Riedel
Yumminess from the first bite!

What an amazing pie...tart, sweet, thick with fruit...and the crust...perfect! My husband commented more than once how tasty this pie is. It’s the perfect combo with vanilla ice cream on top!

Grete Mortley
Rhubarb Pie


Kari Klapper

This pie has stolen my heart. It’s tart and the fresh raspberries flooded my palate and accompanied by the buttery, flaky crust...heaven.
My second piece, I added a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It cuts the tartness and adds a richness that is perfection.
My third piece was breakfast this morning with a hot cup of coffee. Best way to start the day.
We are down to one small sliver in the pie pan, and there may be a battle.